Lebanon is endearingly called the “Paris of the Middle East” and for good reason.  The sights, the people, and the food are charming and chalked full of culture, just like Paris is.  Located right off the Mediterranean Sea, Lebanon is a hub for many things, but many appreciate it most for being a cultural grub hub.

Spicy and savory, Lebanese cuisine is unique and rich in history and tradition.  You’ll find breakfast and main dishes in a Lebanese bakery.  Manakeesh catering services often choose kabobs, manakeesh pizzas, or lamb dishes to serve.  A genuine manakeesh menu consists of all the favorites of the homeland of Lebanon and typically are rich in spicy flavors, cooked with open flame ovens, and have lots of tradition lovingly packed into every bite.

If you are curious about what the tastes of the Middle East are all about, here are six Lebanese foods you are sure to love.

Manakeesh pizza – If you’ve never tried Lebanese food, you might want to start with manakeesh pizza.  It’s a dish that most everyone loves and one that can be customized to please most every taste preference.  Genuine mankeesh pizza is cooked in an open flame oven and has topping choices of such ingredients as minced lamb, goat cheese, and of course, all the scrumptious Lebanese spices.

Shish taouk – Shish taouk is a staple of Lebanese cuisine.  It is basically a chicken kebab with a marinade of garlic, paprika, lemon juice, tomato paste, and yogurt.  It is commonly made as a sandwich by being wrapped in a type of pita bread called “hubbus” or may be delivered on a platter.  The dish is almost always is served with garlic sauce on the side.  The shish taouk is a favored dish for manaeesh catering due to its universal appeal and easy eating because it’s usually served on a stick.

Falafel – Falafel is a delectable dish that is primarily made from crushed chickpeas.  It is typically deep fried and served in a pita sandwich with tahini sauce and vegetables.  If you aren’t familiar with Tahini sauce, it is what goes into baba ghanoush and hummus. You’ll find falafel on a Lebanese bakery menu or at most any Middle Eastern Restaurant.

Kofta – Kofta is ideal for meat lovers!  They are balls comprised of minced meat that’s thoughtfully mixed with onions, savory spices, and a parsley.  It is often served with potatoes smothered in a tomato sauce.

Fattoush – Fattoush is a Lebanese salad that has been enjoyed throughout the ages in Lebanon.  Rather than using croutons in the salad, fried or baked pita bread is crushed and added in the top or mixed in.  Dressing is also blended in, usually consisting of olive juice or olive oil, lemon, garlic, and salt.

Kunafeh – Kunafeh is found in many manakeesh bakery menus.  It’s a delicacy that’s make of a cheesy pastry topped with sugar syrup and pistachios.  There are a myriad of variations that can be used to make it.  Sometimes it’s a sandwich, other times it’s a dessert or even a breakfast.

If you are not sure where to find Lebanese food in your vicinity, you can conduct an online search to find “lebanese food toronto”.  Once you choose the establishment and begin your Lebanese eating experience, you’ll know exactly what to expect when you order one or more of these fine festive dishes.