Middle Eastern cuisine is rich in history, tradition, and flavor.  It’s appreciated world-wide for its diverse seasonings and expansive dishes that often feature such favorites as kebabs, manakeesh pizza, dolma, falafel, chickpeas, sesame seeds, olives and olive oil, pitas, Lebanese bakery selections, and a myriad of other popular foods.

If you are craving Middle Eastern cuisine, such as Lebanese food, you should know that not all Middle Eastern restaurants are what they’re cracked up to be.  There are some special factors that set them apart.


Just as with most any other type of food, being authentic is everything.  Pizzas made in a microwave cannot match those that are baked on an open flame, like manakeesh pizza from a truly great Middle Eastern restaurant.  Likewise, if you want fresh and delectable za’atar thyme manakeesh, you won’t find it at your local grocer, you’ll need to go to a Lebanese bakery that uses genuine Lebanese ingredients and a recipe that hails straight from the homeland.

Many Middle Eastern restaurants don’t take pride in going all out to preserve the traditions that are associated with the foods.  For instance, a manakeesh menu from a Lebanese bakery that uses an open flame oven that’s been imported from Lebanon will taste much better than one that uses a traditional oven or even an open flame oven made in America.

The best Middle Eastern restaurants bring authenticity and tradition to the table which is evident bite after bite.  Imposters just can’t match the flavors derived from going the extra mile to assure the foods are made to perfection, the old-fashioned way.

A Taste for Ethnic Flair

Atmosphere is always imperative when choosing a great Middle Eastern restaurant.  When you go to a Lebanese bakery, you should feel you are celebrating the country from winch the food originated.  If you are indulging in manakeesh catering at your event, the food should bring a festive flair to the occasion.

Food is more than just food when a great Middle Eastern restaurant prepares it for it is made with the heart and soul of the ethnic background in the mix.  The country’s rich culture should come bursting through every single bite.

Middle Eastern food should be brought to you with the unique spices of the land from which they originated.  Those who indulge in the foods should experience tastes that are new and different because that’s what makes ethnic foods so tempting – branching out from one’s comfort zone to try foods that offer one-of-a-kind tastes and textures.  A fabulous Middle Eastern restaurant will deliver genuine foods that delight the taste buds of those who have never tried them before.  They should elevate the palate and embrace the excitement of venturing out.

Great Middle Eastern restaurants don’t take shortcuts.  They take pride in bringing you the best of the best of what the region has to offer.  It is within those extra offerings that you will find the tastes and traditions that set the best Middle Eastern restaurants apart from the rest.

Finding the Best Middle Eastern Restaurants and Lebanese Bakery Locations

If you are looking for authentic Lebanese food or Middle Eastern food and don’t know where to find a great restaurant, simply search for “manakeesh near me” or add your location to the search, such as “Lebanese restaurant Toronto”.  You can check out the websites of the search results to get a taste for what the restaurant has to offer.  You can always ask friends and relatives for suggestions too.

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