Flavours Of Manakeesh

There are many different flavours of Manakeesh. At Al’Deewan Lebanese Bakery, three of the most popular types of Manakeesh are: the cheese Manakeesh, the za’atar Manakeesh, and the lamb Manakeesh. These are essentially the same base flatbread recipe with different toppings.

Cheese Manakeesh:

The Cheese Manakeesh is a Middle Eastern flatbread topped with delicious Kashkaval cheese and/or mozzarella, browned to perfection.

Cheese Manakeesh is a simple conventional breakfast in most Middle Eastern countries. It is a flatbread with cheese and olive oil garnishing. It is very easy to make and is a staple in Lebanese culture.

Cheese Manakeesh is an enjoyable dish which is very common in Lebanon. It is also very common in Lebanese-style restaurants, as it is a fast and easy recipe to make. The recipe behind cheese Manakeesh takes about 15 minutes to prepare and 20 minutes to cook. You can take a look at how to make cheese manakeesh here. This recipe is great for beginners, as there are not very many complicated ingredients to combine to make this very simple but delicious dish.

At Al-deewan Bakery, our cheese Manakeesh recipe is also very simple. Our recipe includes a blend of 5 mix cheeses: akawi, halloom, mozzarella, nabulsi, and white cheddar. You also get the option of having the dough stretched out to a thin-crust if you so wish.

Za’atar Manakeesh:

Homemade spice mixes have flavoured Middle Eastern food for ages. Primary among these is the mixture called za’atar: a mix of local sumac berries, herbs, and sesame seeds.  Za’atar Manakeesh is a Mediterranean flatbread that is made from a simple dough recipe and topped with an olive-oil made za’atar spread. Za’atar Manakeesh is common in Lebanese restaurants and Mediterranean bakeries. 

Typically, za’atar is a spice mix that’s mainly made with sumac, sesame and thyme seeds. In other areas of the Middle East, however, za’atar spice mixtures can also include cumin, marjoram and oregano. It is easy to make za’atar on your own, but it is easiest to find it in Middle Eastern wholesale bakeries like Al’deewan Lebanese Bakery

Za’atar Manakeesh is typically served for breakfast or brunch along with cheese like halloumi, akawi, or labneh. It is enjoyed as a part of a spicy warm breakfast with lots of fresh vegetables like tomatoes, green onions, cucumbers, and olives, along with Arabic tea and cheese. The simplicity, authenticity and deliciousness of the za’atar manakeesh are what make it such a loved Lebanese dish.

Lamb Manakeesh:

Lamb Manakeesh is another reliable flavour that is quite popular among Middle Eastern food-lovers. When cooked at home, the lamb Manakeesh takes about 60 minutes to prepare and about 25 minutes to cook. You can find the step-by-step process of cooking lamb Manakeesh here. Lamb Manakeesh is made with minced lamb and is the only flavour on this list that contains meat.

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