You’re probably like a lot of us, when you pass by a local Middle Eastern restaurant, you think, “I should try that one day.”  But, in the hustle and bustle of life, you just never get around to it.  And when you do go out to dinner, you forget all about that local Lebanese bakery or the new spot advertising manakeesh pizza.  Or, maybe you’ve never experienced manakish or Middle Eastern food and you’re a little skittish of it.

Here are 5 reasons you should make it a point to take the leap and try a local Middle Eastern Restaurant:

  1. You’ll experience a unique taste. Lebanese food has a very rich, savory, and one-of-a-kind taste about it.  The Lebanese use a good array of spices in their cooking that come to life with every bite. You’ll find that manakeesh menus focus on foods that aren’t necessarily ones you find at American drive-thru windows or at most restaurants.  Lamb, goat cheese, and chickpeas are a few of the myriad of foods you’ll become familiar with when you give Lebanese or Middle Eastern food a try.
  2. Expand your mind. When you stay within you comfort zone all the time, you become stagnant. That’s especially true when it comes to trying new foods.  You’ll limit your taste buds and that’s not fair to them…or to you. When you expand your food sources and the ethnic groups they are derived from, you’ll expand your mind at the same time.
  3. Embrace an explosion of culture. There’s something quite magical about Middle Easter cuisine.  It’s been around thousands of years and has been perfected through the ages.  You’ll find the flavors that have been acquired are explosive and loaded with all things good.
  4. Middle Eastern food is healthy. While many ethnic groups aren’t exactly known for eating healthily, Middle Easterners do.  They prefer fish and seafood over red meat, as a rule.  They cook with fresh fruits and vegetables and plenty of medicinal herbs and spices too. You’ll not only be doing your taste palette a favor when you try manakeesh menu foods or make your way to a Middle Eastern restaurant, you’ll do your body a favor too.
  5. Otherwise, you’ll never know. What’s the worst that can happen?  If you try Middle Eastern food and don’t like it…at least you’ll know.  But, chances are good that’s not going to happen.  You are more likely to love it and wonder why you went so long before you tried it.  That’s known as an “ah ha moment!”  Everything suddenly makes great sense, like the tantalizing goodness of Middle Eastern food.

If you’d like to find out about Middle Eastern restaurants, simple search for “manakeesh near me”, “Lebanese bakery Scarborough” (or your location), “manakeesh Toronto (or whatever city you live in), or ask friends and relatives about manakeesh bakeries or restaurants they know of.  Making the effort to elevate your taste buds with a fine Middle Eastern restaurant is an experience you won’t regret.